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Photo Coasters

$7.95, $11.25

  • Type : Neoprene and Hardboard
  • Product code : CRB, CCB


Relatively new on the market is the neoprene coaster -- a natural extension from the now ubiquitous neoprene mousepad. Flexible, slip-resistant and durable, neoprene coasters also are washable. As for promotional mailers, you will find the thinner coasters fit perfectly in envelopes and add a nominal postal up-charge due to their light weight.

UPILAB Hardboard Coasters are a staple of personalized products. Even more so with the huge number of digital image files that are produced worldwide. They fit so many market channels that it's tough to think of one that they don't work well in. They are fun to sell because everyone wants a Personalized Coaster and all are extremely durable.

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Price Table

3.5 diameter


4-Cloth, Neoprene backed coasters
Indoor/outdoor Use
3.5 diameter


4-Hardboard, Cork backed coasters
Indoor/outdoor Use