Digital Software and Quickstart Tips

Express Digital Darkroom Web is a free software that allows you to order units and add ons from the lab easily, Darkroom Pro is available for an additional cost which offers green screen. Order can be corrected by lab or studio corrected by customer, call lab for monitor calibration kit. Call lab for CD.

Express Digital Photoreflect - allows you to build your custom website with free image posting. Get the most return on every photo by making prints and photo products available 24/7 to your customers and their family and friends.

OzE is a suite of programs that allows the photographer to view, present and crop images as well as import school data for school and sports products that required names matched to images.

UPIPOST is an online image hosting solution which is powered by Morephotos. There is NO commission fee, but there is a 2 cents per image per month fee for the customer to upload their images. UPIPOST allows you to control the sales transaction which is processed directly through your merchant account. There is a one time $50.00 set-up fee to prepare your domain or a sub-domain ( of our website, plus $10/month to host your sub-domain at Get a second sale by making prints and other photo products available 24/7 to your customers, their families and friends. Call the Lab today for more information and to get set up on this service.

This monitor calibration guide and reference file contain instructions on how to match your monitor color to UPI Lab.

Monitor Calibration Guide
Reference File

Using the best white balance is essential to good quality images.

White Balance Guide

This is a paper on how to use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to send images to the lab.

What you need to know about FTP

About Us

United Promotions, Inc., founded in 1973, is a full service volume package printing photo lab for the professional photographer.

We provide digital printing services for Day Cares, Schools, Sports, Prom, Dance, Stores/Malls, Fundraising, Wedding, Family, Senior and Studio Photography. We Offer many Novelty Add-On products to go along with your color printing.

UPI provides many software solutions for professional digital imaging.

We offer ROES, Express Digital Darkroom, ImageQuix, PhotoLynx, OzE, MorePhotos, UPress and our new free UPI LabLink software.

UPI is committed to providing you the best service with the fastest delivery. As you experience digital technology you will find our knowledgeable staff can offer the same great service you have enjoyed from our traditional services.

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