OzE Assembler Quick Start Guide

Copy the File "OzE Installer.exe" to your desktop.
Then double-click to install.

1. Open Oze Assembler

A. Click "Folders" button.
B. Select folder with images (double click to select folder or drive).
C. Click "Data Entry" button.

2. Select Image and Color Preference

A. Click on image in left side of window.
B. Select color effect on right side of window by choosing the appropriate
effect menu with the drop down button in the lower right corner, then click
the color effect you prefer.
FX Effect:
FX1 = Color
FX2 = Color Cameo
FX3 = Black and White
FX4 = Sepia
FX5 = Sepia Tint

3. Image Controls (Lower Left)

A. 90 - Turns images 90 degrees clockwise each click.
B. * - Selects all images.
C. |< - Go to first image.
D. << - Go back one page.
E. >> - Go forward one page.
F. >| - Go to last image.
G. Left view box is a 5x7 crop, right view box is a 8x10 crop and the Square button
shows a square crop. (Make sure the lab produces Square Crop products
prior to selecting this crop type)

4. Key Order (package orders go to step 5)

A. Select image on left side of window.
B. Click color effect desired in step 2.
C. Click on the item in the Grid (lower - center). Contact your Oze Lab for
explanation of Grid products.

5. Package Order

A. Create new Package Set (lower - right section of Grid, Select Packages).
Type in name of Package Set (ex: Spring Pkg). Select all images. Click "Apply
Pkg" button to assign Package Set to all images.
B. The "Edit Grid" button lets you select each item you want to
show in the Grid. Then click "Save Grid".
C. Select the items for your first package by left clicking to add quantity,
right click to clear quantity. Add a price, if you prefer (not required),
to box in lower left section of Grid. Then right click on the Package ID (0-9,
A-Z). Next left click for the package to be saved.
D. Repeat step 5 as needed for as many packages or add-ons as you need to
create for this package set.
E. Now you can select the image on the left and click on the package in the
Grid to assign the package to that image.

6. Save Order

A. Click "Save Order" button.

7. Send Order to Lab

A. Click "Save to CD" button or go to the oze\saved orders folder and send the files through FTP.

For help with this product call UPI Customer Service (800) 362-4441.