UPI Supported CD Export Formats

·AAL by Administrative Assistants Ltd
·ABI (Aries Browser interface) by Eagle Software
·ACCU Scan (yearbook)
·Administrators Plus by Rediker
·Aeries by Eagle Software
·Alexandria by Companion Corporation
·Athena by Nichols Advanced Technologies
·Blue Bear Tracks by Blue Bear
·C.S.U.I Zone
·Café Terminal By Comolex
·Card It by Card Integrators
·CD ROM Yearbook by international Multimedia
·CIMS by Take two Inc.
·Circulation plus by Follett
·Cricket by Mcfal Associates
·Custom EIS
Dadvan System, Inc.
·Destiny by Follett
·DP2 by Eastman Kodak
·DSL Data for Student Learning
·DSM32 by PCS Revenue Control Systems
·Easy 99 by Eagle Software
Edunet by a Pittsburgh Company
Eofficesuite by Schoolhouse Software Inc.
·EPI by new market solutions
·School by educational administration data systems
·Excelsior by Excelsior Software
Ezbook by Walters Publishing
Fastlane 2000 by Horizon Software International
Follet by Follett Software
·Food Service Program by the lemberger Company
·Food Service Solutions by FSS Inc.
·Fox Photographics (B&W yearbook)
Friesens (yearbook)
·Future Stars by Plagent
Gradebook II by Excelsior Software
·Headmaster by Elliott Software Systems
Herff Jones (yearbook)
·IBS Cafeteria by Interactive Business Software
·Infinite Campus by Infinite Campus Inc.
Integrade Pro by National Computer Services
·International Multimedia (yearbook)
·IVIS Plus by Identicard System
·JMAC by JMAC software
·JMC By JMC Inc.
·Jostens (yearbook)
·Jostens seniors
·KPIS Eastman Kodak
·Logic House
·Lunch Bite by Nutri-Kids
·Lunchbox by Kyrus
·MAC school by Chancery Software
·Mandarin Library
·Maplewood by Maplewood Computing
·MAS by Municipal Accounting Cystem
·MCheck2000 POS
Ameal Magic by Prideware
·Meal Time by CLM group, Inc.
·Meal Tracker by Accuscan
·Micro Sage School by Micro Sage Software
·MMS by computer Resources, Inc.
·Nutri-Kids POS by Unitcity International Inc.
·Oscar by Oscar software
PaC-school by Skyward Inc.
·PAMS by Education Gear
·PDS School Office Management by Parish Data Systems
Pentamatio by Pentamation Education system
PictureMaster Grayscale Yearbook
·Pinnacle by Excelsior Software
·PMAI Industry-standard v,2.0 (yearbook)
·Point of Fail by a Pittsburgh company
PoliceAnnual by Pelican Software
PowerSchool by PowerSchool Inc.
·Principals Aid for Windows by JMAC Software
Prosoft by Prosoft Technologies
·PS1000 by ISD ED
·Quick ID Systems for schools
·Rainforest School Products (yearbook)
·Reimer Export
·Rose Printing (yearbook)
·SAM by Central Access System
·SAS by THE Phoenix
·SASI by NCS Pearson
·SASI XP by NCS Pearson
·School Annual Publishing (yearbook)
·School Dynamics systems
·School ID by Mark Schroeder Consulting
·School Image Software by PhotoLynx Inc.
·School Max by Maximus
·School Office by Specialized Data Systems
·School Wise by School Wise
·School house Software Inc.
SchoolMaster by Olympic Computing Company
·School-Minder by Hunter systems
SchoolPro 2000
SchoolsOPEN by SchoolsOPEN, L.L.C
SchoolsOPEN thumbnail by SchoolOPEN, L.L.C
·SCMP32 by PCS Revenue Control System
·SDS by Specialty Data Software
·SIRS by Management Information Group (MIG)
·SIS by Administrative Assistant LTD.
·SIS by LA Unified School District
·SIS (Student Information System) by KRESA
·Skyward by WSIPC
·SM Win by Treemont software
·SMS by Chancery Software
·SSTS/2000 by software Technology Inc.
Star_Base by Century consultant Ltd.
·Star Student
STIOffice by STI-K12-software Technology Inc.
Stawbridge Studio (yearbook)
·Surpass Software by the Library Corporation (TLC)
·Taylor Publishing (yearbook)
·Touch-n-serve by Schoolhouse Software Inc.
Trevlac by Trevlac Computer services
Trilluim by SRB International
·Turbo-school- by TCS Developments
·Walker’s Publishing (yearbook)
Wen-gagen S1 by MAS, Inc.
·Win school by chancery software
·Win school by v.4.0 and lower by chancery software
·Winnebago Spectrum Library Program
WinSnap by school link Technologies
·Yearbooks (yearbook) by Pelican Software
Yeardisc by 1vative
Zangle by C-Innovations, Inc.