- New Express Digital Templates!

United Promotions, Inc. offers a number of templates. Our line is continually being expanded and improved, and all templates are available to United Promotions, Inc. customers.

-In by 10 out by 5 Same Day ROES service!

Use our new Roes Catalog to order lab color corrected sheets (wallets to 24’ x 36’). When the order is received by 10 AM (M-F), it will be ready to ship (or pickup) by 5 PM that day.

-Green Screen Digital Backgrounds

Click Here to view our digital backgrounds available for use in photo lynx or express digitals’ green screen capabilities. Call lab for other green screen options.

-Image Hosting Options

We have two options for hosting your sports action shots, senior or wedding photos.
1.  Use Express Digital Darkroom to upload your images to Photoreflect.com. Only pay when a retail order is placed.
2.  Use Photoview/Photomanager to upload your images. Pay a small fee/image to upload and pay no commission for the order.

Call Lab for more details.

- Custom Pre Pay Envelopes

We can now completely customize both sides of your pre pay envelope. Click here to view examples in color with your examples/studio info on one side and B&W explanations of packages and pricing on the other side.

See our Catalog for more information.